About Us

Hash Control was established in 2002 , HasH has experienced aggressive growth over the last decade, due to its world wide customers recognition of HasH organizational excellence, marketing endeavors, technological advancement, innovative quality products, and exceptional service. Our charter is to develop and manufacture high quality cost effective Closed Circuit Television products to meet today. stringent requirements.HasH  is staffed with highly trained, experienced, and creative individuals specializing in the development and manufacturing of high performance CCTV solutions.

Our Fully Digital Process CCD camera is unique in that all of its functions are controlled by software. We believe that your testing one sample will show the consistent reliability and performance of our products, we can guarantee the same quality in mass-production afterwards.

Manufacturing Systems
Effecting ISO 9001 world class standard, CE and UL, HasH Control  upholds quality assurance from order handling, material purchasing, production, quality control, packing and shipping.